It´s rock music we´re talking about here. Graydance music is based on true emotions and great songs. Material of the band varies from hard, intensive songs to heavenly ballads with some progressive and unexpected elements. The sound of the band has followed grunge and rock with small twists of progressive music.

The history of Graydance starts around 1997. After playing cover songs from their heroes like Stone Temple Pilots, Screaming Trees, Smashing Pumpkins, Alice In Chains, Radiohead, Life of Agony etc, the band soon realised that they have talent, ambition and passion to write songs of their own and Graydance was born.

Since then Graydance have been active all the time releasing two LPs ("All Under the Rose Above" 2015, "WideAwake" 2009) and EPs ("Away From This Moment" 2012, "Care less, Hurt less" 2005, "Like A May Morning" 2004, "Choose Any Road" 2003, "Drowning" 2002, "Beautiful" 2001, "Bruised" 2000, "Tyypit (demo)" 1999).
Besides the albums, Graydance has also released few videos. All this doing lots of gigs in addition of course. Most of the gigs have been played in southern Finland, but the band has also tasted the atmosphere of some international stages in Germany and Hungary.

Graydance's third album "Closer to nowhere" was released 4.11.2022. Closer to Nowhere @ 
Some tracks have been released as video singles ("The Shining", "Wrong Step" and "Venture") in YouTube.

Nowadays, +25 years of composing dozens of songs and playing dozens of gigs and founding the perfect line-up, Graydance is more alive, more creative, more self-assured and better band than ever before.

26.8.2023 @ Lohja, Pub Siilo
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