Graydance is a band from Finland that has been titled many times as a "pop-rock-heavy" band. In the end, it's not that far away what they actually are. The foundation of the band is made on grunge, and obviosly the sound has always also been part of Graydance. Band's music varies from hard, intensive songs to heavenly ballads with some progressive and unexpected elements. So maybe "pop-rock-heavy-grunge" is the mixture of this band.

After +20 years of composing dozens of songs, after multiple LP and EP releases and playing dozens of gigs, Graydance is more alive, more creative, more self-assured and better band than ever before. Graydance still has its musical roots in bands such like Stone Temple Pilots, Screaming Trees, Smashing Pumpkins, Alice In Chains, Radiohead and Life of Agony. Some covers from these (and other bands) are still part of Graydance setlists with band's own songs.

Graydance is:
Jarkko Virta - vocals
Jukka Veiksola - guitar
Niklas Granö - guitar
Esa Alavillamo - drums
Ipi Kiiskinen - bass

pe 29.3.2019 @ Lohja, Opus K
with Hannu_pekka Poikonen

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